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Mala Vita

Sziget Festival in August 2009

Mala VitaMala Vita has released the most sensational album in march '09. This album, already qualified as the most exciting release of 2009, is accomplished with tools and disciplines and the neverending urge to create a new musical breed that surpasses the old reality borders and takes just people and cultures in their extended roots from East to West, from North to South.  Stirring melodies from the Balkans, explosive rhythms from Latin America and lyrics directly from the dark allies of Naples: welcome to the world of Mala Vita! These gypsies of the 21st century know exactly how to summarize this energetic musical world in a nutshell.   

A collaboration with the bassplayer of Manu Chao, an Essent Award, tours in Mexico, Venezuela, France, Spain, Germany and Austria, shows on Lowland, Parkpop, EsperanzahExit Festival the band Mala Vita is unstoppable! The secret of this success recipe? Take six band members, each with its own nationality and background music, just mix and the global  of Mala Vita rumbles from the speakers.

Check out the newest single Don't leave me lonely:

The release of the first studio album of Mala Vita, Disorganizzata, was in april 2007. For this album Mala Vita cooperated closely with producer Gambeat, ex-bassist in Mano Negra and Manu Chao's notorious band Radio Bemba Sound System. Disorganizzata was recorded in the Netherlands and mixed in Barcelona, the beating heart of the Mestizo scene. Mickael:  "Gambeat not only produces, but he becomes almost a part of the recordings. "

Mickael Mala Vita Mickael

The live status of Mala Vita is becoming legendary. With over 80 shows!  per year Mala Vita simply must enjoy to perform live:  "We give people a great night out," says Mickael. "That's the whole point. And I probably buzz off the crowd more than they buzz off us. Music's all about getting everyone together. How can you be cynical when you're at a festival and there's 20,000 people - all different kinds of people; young, old, black, white - and everyone's singing the same song?"



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