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The latest sensation in the hiphop landscape goes by the name L4 (Looking Forward), consisting of a few well-known rappers, like DNA, Stamina and Mic-Nif. These 3 MCs have worked together for years and only recently formed a solid group.  L4 is a rare exception in the turbulent world of Hip-Hop. In a genre where big names come and go just as fast as hit records, they managed to create their own particular sound , which can easily be labeled as a  redefinition  of hip hop. It's like a meeting of top notch musical minds resulting in an unimaginable amount of high quality music
. Their first CD "Counting Coins", including their hit material songs, like "One Of Those Days" and  "Sleep Walking" is available since March 21. This is merely the beginning of a straight on success story, the album went straight to the number 1 position of The Alternative Charts.


Ever since birth DNA was surrounded by the vast styles of music that would be played through out his family's household. At the age of eleven he was completely mesmerized by the hip-hop art form he heard pumping from his older brothers' rooms. With his new found interest DNA commenced his journey to master the art of (improvisation) or better know as free styling.  In 2000 he met Mic-Nif and formed the group Luminous Twinz. Two years later DNA linked up with Stamina and joined the R.O.O.O.M project, toured The Netherlands and further increased his knowledge of the music industry.  Then in the beginning of 2008 DNA, Stamina and Mic-Nif rejoined forces to form the L4, (looking forward) click, with live band, fantastic fiascos and good music.  DNA is now looking forward to serving the world with music from the heart driven by powerful messages.   Favorite quote: "You can't run away from yourself", Bob Marley.

( Mic-nif )

It all started in the year 2000, when Mic-Nif formed a hip hop collective called Luminous Twinz with rhyme partner DNA, which is where he began his career as an MC. In 2002, the Luminous Twinz, were the winners of the Young Creative Minds Award on MTV (NL) with the song Stolen Lives. As time passed, Mic-Nif stepped foot in the Dutch freestyle battle scene, and in 2003, he was the winner of the Main Freestyle Battle Event of The Hague, NL.  In 2004, Mic-Nif began recording his debut solo album Distortion of the Truth (album released on September7, 2007), featuring artists such as Ahab, Pape Mann, Khaoz, Tommy 2 Times, and Vivian. That same year, he teamed up with a relatively well-known Hip Hop group from the Netherlands, called NuClear Family, and a year later, they released their second album Nucelar Fission where Mic-Nif played a steady role. The album was awarded best album of The Hague (NL) in 2005.  Together with the NuClear Family, Mic-Nif performed for fairly big crowds and has opened for numerous well known Hip Hop artists, namely; Guru (Gangstarr), Promoe (Loop Troop), Jus Allah (Jedi Mind Tricks), Insight, Wu Tang Killa Bees and Delinquent Habits, just to name a few. In 2006, stepped out of NuClear family and reunited with his former rhyme partner DNA and Mental Stamina (from the band R.O.O.O.M.) and created a new live Hip Hop band called L4 (Looking 4ward). At the moment, L4 is busy recording their first album ‘Counting Coins' and taking on large festivals in the Netherlands. In addition, Mic-Nif has performed on numerous large stages in different cities throughout the Netherlands (Parkpop Festival 2006 and 2008, Koninginnenach The Hague 2006 and 2008, Pure Jazz Festival 2008, Grote Prijs ZH 2005, The Hague Hip Hop Festival 2004 - 2008, Haschiba Festival 2006 and 2008, Paard van Troje, Melkweg, Asta, 013, LVC, Night Town and many more).  Furthermore, he has appeared on MTV (NL), TV West, Juize FM (Radio 538), Den Haag FM, to only name a few.

( Stamina )

Mental Stamina was born in Angola and as a young boy he always felt good about any audience. Early on his family felt that his social skills extended that of other kids his age. He also enjoyed playing Soccer, Basketball, and Karate and God know what else.  When he came to The Netherlands in 1999, he was studying and playing Soccer. Fortunately people from a known group of artists approached him to join a theater piece. The first milestone of his career had been launched. The second one was coming when he joined the acclaimed pop band R.O.O.O.M .Together they recorded and released one album entitled" First Chapter". The album was recognized  and appreciated by various media and the people.  Despite the success Stamina felt his artistic drive turning in a new direction. That energy fueled the formation of The Hague's acclaimed Hip Hop band L4, as in "looking 4ward".  L4 consist also of two other exceptional MC's, namely DNA and Mic Nif. After only one year together they have proven on numerous big stages how to deliver sounds, smash crowds, and magically amaze and inspire people.

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